Photo by Nicole Lapierre Photography

Photo by Nicole Lapierre Photography


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Katelyn settled down in Nova Scotia in March of 2009. Katelyn has dealt with Mental Health diseases numerous times in her adult life. She was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa at the age of 20, Post Partum Depression at the age of 25 along with Anxiety. During her times in crisis, Katelyn felt very alone and isolated and decided to create Shattered Silence to help others during time of need so that they don’t feel the same way.

Her vision for Shattered Silence is to create a community based platform for individuals suffering directly or indirectly from Mental Health, raise awareness as well as shatter the silence and stigma that encompasses Mental Health.

Alongside with creating the business, Katelyn is a certified 200 hr yoga teacher, holds a degree in Nutrition and is a mother to 2 boys.

My struggles with Mental Health have given me a lot, once I let it.
— Katelyn

Photo by Nicole Lapierre Photography

Photo by Nicole Lapierre Photography


Born and raised in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Martina has made her home in the Halifax Regional Municipality for the past several years with her husband Chris Kelades. Her love for people and helping others has been the foundation of her career in Social Services. She has completed a Human Services Diploma in Addictions Counselling at NSCC; as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree Hons. (Psychology Concentration) at Mount Saint Vincent University. In addition to her education, Martina is a certified Mental Health First Aid Canada Instructor.

Martina is very passionate about mental health advocacy and is optimistic about the opportunity to create positive change within her community. Martina’s background with mental illness comes from experiences within her family, and as well, through her own personal experiences with anxiety and burnout.  As a witness to the impact that mental illness has had on various family members and clients she has worked with, it has encouraged her to be a change agent.

Her vision for Shattered Silence is to help positively change the conversations about mental health and mental illness and create a unique support network for individuals with various experiences to reach out and support one another.

Mental health impacts us all. No one is immuned and no one chooses an illness. Pain is real, and so is hope. Shame quiets us, and support cares for us. It’s time we shatter the silence surrounding mental health.
— Martina