The Story of Shattered Silence

In 2007, co-founder Katelyn Whittaker faced a mental health crisis when she was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. At the time of her treatment she dealt with doctors, therapists and dietitians - all of whom were especially important and needed for her successful recovery. However, during this time she felt incredibly alone and isolated in her fight over her illness, as she also dealt with the stigma and judgement surrounding mental illness.

In the spring of 2016, Katelyn publically shared her story in front of a class she was taking. The reaction that she received was overwhelmingly positive and it was then the concept of creating a peer support network was conceived. Wanting to do more with her story, Katelyn re-connected with Martina Kelades, and together they brainstormed ideas on how to develop a support network in their community for individuals impacted by mental health problems and mental illness. Through their conversations, discussion of ideas and shared experiences, Shattered Silence was born (May 2016).

Martina brings with her various experiences with mental health problems and mental illness, including both direct and indirect experiences. Recognizing the impact that mental illness has had within her family - including depression, anxiety and suicide, Martina is committed to being a voice for those who have suffered and are suffering in silence. 

Katelyn and Martina are passionate about shattering the silence and stigma that surrounds mental health. Their goal is to raise awareness while encouraging individuals to speak up and support each other through their experiences. We all have a mental health story. The more we speak up, educate, and support each other - the more we will shatter the silence.