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Life Out Loud
Mental Health Consulting & Creatives

Located in Halifax Regional Municipality, Life Out Loud - Mental Health Consulting & Creatives, is a professional and specialized service that utilizes a combination of platforms to expand conversations related to mental health and wellness, including, Mental Health First Aid training and customized, evidence-based mental health training for businesses and organizations. 



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My Purpose

Life Out Loud’s commitment is to focus on mental health promotion and the 5 in 5 people who have mental health— with the purpose of improving overall health outcomes for individuals. My lifework is to serve others. My vision is to engage people in meaningful dialogue that encourages personal and community wellness — utilizing personal narratives to support positive mental health; and provide a platform to promote holistic and wellness-focused conversations and training. 

Shared human experiences creates deeper relationships, greater connections and provides meaningful learning —  encouraging and improving positive mental health and optimal well-being. We all have a mental health story.
— Martina Kelades