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Self-Care is Self-Priority

Life management can be tricky at times, and I often feel a bit of societal pressure to have a perfectly balanced life.

For many years, I taught Personal Development classes, and often talked about the importance of work-life balance - helping individuals reflect on how we prioritize these areas - how much time spent working, sleeping, spending time with family, etc. etc., and at the time it seemed like a pretty simple task.

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Last week, I attended the Canadian Mental Health Association’s national conference in Montreal, Quebec. This was a conference that brought together the voices of people from various backgrounds in mental health, including Government agencies, business, non-profit groups, and course, the very important voices of individuals with lived experiences. 

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Focus to Remain Focused

Have you ever tried to do new things with the old order? I have, and guess what? Sometimes (actually lot of the times), this method does not work. I am in the process of restructuring and reorganizing my life and career, and I’m discovering that I need to refocus for where I am going, and not where I have been. 

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